Honor's Price

May 30, 2013

I have continued on in the Rocky Mountain Legacy Series by Kristen Heitzmann with Honor's Price. It's been a while since I've read this and I can't believe how much I have forgotten!

This is still one of my favorite series, however, reading it now with different eyes (older), there are things that pop out to me now that didn't before. I'll get to that in a moment.

Two years have passed since the begging of the first book, Honor's Pledge. Abbie Martin has grown in the last couple of years through the circumstances she had to face. She is now able to be with the man she loves, Montgomery Ferrel. However, their happily ever after is put to the test right off the bat when someone starts harassing Monte and his ranch causing destruction and loss at every turn.

Instead of turning to Abbie for help, Monte keeps everything that is going on to himself. He wants desperately to protect Abbie and his home like a true gentleman should. However, with the secrets that he is keeping, Abbie is lost and tries to help anyway she can, but Monte won't except it and turns a cold shoulder. The pride Monte has is hurtful to Abbie and she questions everything she is doing.

I do like this book, but like a stated a little bit ago, there are things that just pop out to me now. Monte is a little controlling in this book. He says he is happy to not have a southern belle for a wife, but the amount of criticism he places on Abbie says other wise. Monte wants to change Abbie it seems out of her free spirited ways, all while saying he loves it the best about her. This book for me solidifies my Team Cole spot. And thankfully Cole Jasper is still around with all of his swagger.

Too read!

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