The Sword

May 20, 2013

The Sword by Bryan M. Litfin was a book, where the cover caught my eye. I read up on it and it seemed like an interesting story, so I got it.

The prologue hooked me into the story. I wish that he had made that part longer or even made another story on just that, it was that good. The world has we know it, was coming to an end. A plague that was unknown hit mankind and spread faster then wildfire. There was no way to stop it. As people started to fall, other tried to protect themselves, but to no avail. Death was everywhere. Muslims saw this as a sign and took up their weapons and started to bomb countries with nukes and soon, leaders were over thrown and nukes were fired back. Soon, everyone with a nuke was bombing others, all while the plague spread. Soon, vegetation and animals were dying from the lack of sun and rain. People were growing scarce. As the population dwindled, the plague started to disappear from its inability to spread. Slowly, the survivors started to emerge and they started to rebuild and the population started to grow, but it was no where near what it was. The world was thrown back into a new Dark Ages.

The story picks up 400 years after the plague and wars had started. Wilderness is back, villages and towns and main cities are back, but they are few and far between. A new religion has emerged and no one knows much about what happened to the Ancients.

This story follows two characters, for the most part, Anastasia and Teofil. Anastasia, is a pretty girl who lives in a small community away from the protected area. Teofil is a captain of the guard. Their backgrounds are interesting, however the story with them, just didn't flow for me. There are scenes of action, but they are just so short, they didn't leave much impact. There is a part where Anastasia is kidnapped, but time has elapsed so quickly, you just get a very brief description of her mistreatment in her ordeal. I'm left wanting. I don't feel much compassion for her circumstance and I don't feel much joy for her rescue, since there just wasn't much there. I know that sounds cold hearted, but the story just didn't do it for me in the action. And it just continued on for me like that. The build up wasn't there for me.

The Sword, the idea is great, but the follow through just didn't get me. It's a Maybe.

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