The Harbinger

May 8, 2013

I've seen The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn for a little while and the more I read about, the more I became interested in it. A day of jury duty gave me the time needed to read it.

This book will make you think, it will also make you go and research the facts and the Bible to verify what is written, and I love that! The way that Jonathan Cahn writes this story is great.

Nouriel is a writer who lives in New York, when he receives an interesting parcel in the mail. An ancient seal. He doesn't know what it is, or why he has it. He just hangs on to it and one day, he meets a man, who knows all about the seal and the journey begins. Nouriel at first can't believes the things he is being told, but as he researches, he pushes himself harder to find the answers.

We follow Noriel through his research on the seals that follow, the Harbingers, nine of them to be exact. Each Harbinger brings a new piece of a prophecy forward and more to think on.Once Nouriel makes it through all the Harbingers, he then works his way through the four mysteries of the Harbingers. Over the course of several years, all has been to revealed to Nouriel and he also learns what he must do with the wealth of information he has learned.

This book will keep you reading. It's a fast read, the pace is steady and it's not bombard with different things for filler. It's too read!

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