January Photo Book Challenge: Week 1

January 9, 2015

I found a fun way to kick off the New Year. 
On Instagram there is a photo book challenge and I'm actually keeping up with it! So, I thought I would post the weeks pictures here on the blog at the end of each week.
 The hashtag if you wanted to check it out is: #JanBookChallenge2015. You can see the full challenge there.

Week 1:
 Day 1: Favorite Book of 2014
Price of Privilege (granted the publication date isn't till 2015, but I couldn't wait a year to share).
And The Sentinels of Andersonville.
Both stories stick with you.

Day 2: January TBR
Already read Lizzy & Jane. Top Three are for review, they are up next to be read. The rest are ones I would like to get to afterwards.

 Day 3: Book Beginning with a "J"
Jesus Calling

Day 4: A Favorite Series
This one has just been added to the list. It's fabulous! Austen + Bronte+ Mystery= Amazing!

Day 5: Favorite Author
Picking only one just isn't doable! So here is a short list.

Day 6: Favorite Cover
This book is just gorgeous! And the cover fits the story perfectly.

Day 7:  Book that Disappointed you
I was disappointed because it ended too soon!
(I don't keep books that disappoint me, I pass them on to others who might enjoy them more then I did.)

Is anyone else trying a photo challenge this month?
I generally stink at the the monthly challenges, but since is book related, it's going well.

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