The Strength of His Hand

January 29, 2015

Title: The Strength of His Hand
Author: Lynn Austin
Publisher: Bethany House
Pages: 331
ISBN: 978-0-7642-2991-6
Publication Date: September 1st, 2005

He Has Achieved Enormous WEALTH and POWER-Yet There Is No HEIR.

The legacy Hezekiah has established as one of Judah's great leaders is threatened: his beloved wife, Hephzibah, remains barren. Desperate to provide a successor to her husband's throne, Hephzibah makes a forbidden pact with the fertility goddess Asherah.

Feeling repulsed and betrayed by her act of idolatry, Hezekiah destroys the pagan shrine. But in his rage, he himself is critically injured. As Hezekiah struggles to redeem his wife and save his nation, the aged prophet Isaiah arrives with divine instructions for the king to put his house in order and choose a successor.

With his life--and the future of his kingdom--hanging in the balance, Hezekiah once more cries out to the Lord.
This series, people, this series! Each book grows from the last. Each story flushes out more of the people. You get to see deeper into who they are and why they do what they do. These books get stronger as you go on.

The Strength of His Hand brings a change in just about every character thus far. Illusions that have been built up are shattered. Trust is broken. Hurt and bitterness sweep through many characters, along with PTSD in one. These people do not have it easy. They face a hard road and have to figure out a way through, even with an army breathing down their neck through most of the book.

Lynn Austin has such a gift for writing. She is able to take a story out of the Bible, leave the full integrity of the story intact, but also bring these people who lived thousands of years ago back to life and open the story up to you in a whole new and personal light. After reading through this book, I wanted to pick up my Bible. Hezekiah's story and Issiah's prophecies woven through this book was just phenomenal. 

In the first book, we were introduced to Shebna, he was Hezekiah's tutor. He offered support to him when had none. In book two...Shebna slowly started to lose favor in my eyes. Not even a quarter of the way through book three...I was ready to throw him out of the palace. Good gosh! For an adviser, he was as dumb as they come. But, I was interested to see what happened in his story. For as much as I wanted to get rid of him, Lynn kept you hooked to see what would happen next!

There is so much to this book and I'm afriad to go into more details in fear of giving things away.

If you haven't read this need to!

Too Read!
5 out of 5

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