Armchair BEA Day 1: Introductions & Literature

May 26, 2014

The Book Expo of America (BEA) is going on in New York, which means it's time for the Armchair BEA for those of us who are unable to make the trip. I enjoyed my first year of the Armchair BEA last year, that I have been looking forward to this year.

To kick off the the first day, it's time for introductions.

1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? How long have you been blogging? Why did you get into blogging? Where in the world are you blogging from?

I am Kate, welcome to Too Read or Not Too Read. I've been blogging now 2 1/2 years. I started this blog as a New Years Challenge. I wanted a new way to keep track of the books that I read. Keeping journals for them wasn't cutting it. I'm currently blogging from the wonderful and beautiful state of Texas.

2. Describe your blog in just one sentence. Then, list your social details -- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. -- so we can connect more online.

Hmm, one sentence... I will have to go with my header. Books, books, books, and more books. :-)
You can connect with my on:

3. What was your favorite book read last year? What’s your favorite book so far this year? 
This is a tricky question, because I loved several books last year. So I will probably cheat on this question.
Last Year
1. The Doctor's Lady by Jody Hedlund
The writing was fantastic and she was able to weave historical fact in with fiction flawlessly. This was a story I couldn't put down.
2. Dear Mr. Knightley by Katherine Reay
This was a book lovers, book. :-) This story pulled you in. The characters were realistic and you just ached for them in their sadness and cheered in their happiness.
 This Year
1. The Sentinels of Andersonville by Tracy Groot
It's a gritty story, but so good. It's one of the most realistic stories I have read on the Civil War.
2. The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn by Lori Benton
The writing is just beautiful and the story keeps you wanting to read more. I was quite sad when the story ended.

4. Spread the love by naming your favorite blogs/bloggers (doesn’t necessarily have to be book blogs/bloggers). 
I have met many fantastic bloggers in the past year. 
There are many more. I'm sorry I can't list them all.

5. What book would you love to see as a movie? 
 This is easy!
Waterfall by Lisa T. Bergren
Time traveling teenagers caught in a war. There is plenty of adventures and there is also plenty of laughter with Luca, head of the knights. It's a story with everything.

That is me!

On to Literature

What do you think of when you think of literature? Classics, contemporary, genre, or something else entirely? We are leaving this one up to you to come up with and share the literature that you want to chat about the most. Feel free to share a list of your favorites, break down your favorite genre, feature your favorite authors, and be creative about all things literature in general. 

For me literature is what was studied in school. English Lit, American Lit., etc,. It's the classics. It's the foundation to the stories that are written today.

When asked, I would say:
Charlotte Bronte
Jane Austen
Louisa May Alcott
Hans Christian Anderson

These are the authors that shaped the world of words. Who brought newness to the genres of the time. They are timeless. In high-school and college, these were the ones that were always given as examples of writing. They are tried and true and will always be around.


  1. I started my blog as a New Year's resolution/discipline type thing, too!! Have a great Armchair BEA!

  2. So glad to see Dickens getting some more love! For me, the classics are the foundation. I see so many elements of my favorite classic novels in today's fiction. I think it is awesome.

    Oh, and I use a very similar tagline!

    Lisa @Just Another Rabid Reader

  3. The Doctor's Lady sounds like a book I might enjoy. A little like some of the Jane Kirkpatrick books that I have enjoyed, so have added it to my wishlist.

    Enjoy Armchair BEA.

  4. Waterfall sounds intriguing. I'll have to look it up!

  5. Hello from Indianapolis, Indiana. I married a Texan almost 13 years ago. He's from Marfa, Texas. So glad to see another Texas in the world of book blogging. I found you via the ArmchairBEA.

  6. Yay for Jane Austen, Shakespeare and Charles Dickens! :) I won a copy of Dear Mr. Knightley and quite enjoyed it too!

    Great intro! Looks like we know a few bloggers in common as well (Dreaming Under the Same Moon, Seasons of Humility) :)

    Day 1 @ on my blog

  7. Added Waterfall to my TBR, thanks! Great list of literary of my favourites being Charlotte Bronte. Also love Emily Bronte. Wuthering Heights is one of my all time favourite reads.

  8. New to your blog via ABEA; my YA mystery / thriller, FERAL, will release in August with HarperTeen.

  9. Greetings & salutations fellow Texan. I am a native now transplanted in North Carolina. Nice to tweet you!

  10. Love this Armchair Bea series, Kate. I should try it some year. Didn't even really know about it this time. :)

    ...and thank you times a million for the shout-out. You and all of the girls you mention are VERY favorites. Love visiting your lovely blogs. :)

  11. I have Waterfall but haven't read it. After your comment about making it into a movie, I want to read it even more now.
    Great meeting you!


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