Super Six Sunday: Bookish Boyfriends

August 18, 2013

Super Six Sunday is a weekly meme hosted by the ladies over at Bewitched Bookworms. Super Six Sunday is a take on Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week features a book releated theme and you can highlight your Super Six.


Bad Bookish Boyfriends
I don't read many books with bad boys, so my Super Six Bookish Boyfriends.

1.  Carl Richards
aka Carl von Reichart 
A Noble Groom by Jody Hedlund
 :sigh: Carl is my new favorite literary boyfriend. He is a Baron's son on the run. He believes in only marrying for love. He knows how important a woman is and respects a woman's opinion. He doesn't approve of his homelands law for treatment of women and shows it. He loves kids and stands up for the weak.

2. Zack Kazmarek
Into the Whirlwind by Elizabeth Camden
Zack is one of those tall, dark, and extremely handsome types. He is a lawyer who works for one of the biggest and most expensive stores in all of Chicago. He is fiercely loyal to the people he is closest to. He maybe wealthy now, but he grew up on the docks and has worked hard his whole life. He is perceived as a gentleman with an Ivy league education, but he is laid back and enjoys having fun and doesn't adhere to traditions.

3. Sam Fortune
The Long Trail Home by Stephen Bly
Sam Fortune is on the run from the law in Indian Territory in what will be the state of Oklahoma. Sam has run from his past for years, resorting to stealing and other outlawish ways, but he feels the pull of his family. No matter what he has done, he loves his family and doesn't want to bring the trouble that now follows him to his family, but when he finally gets on the right path, he knows it's time to go home and make amends. Sam is one of those smart and funny types. Even though he has problems, deep down, he has a caring heart.

4. Alexander Banebridge
aka Bane
Against the Tide by Elizabeth Camden
I'm only half way through this book and Bane is standing out and joining the ranks as a top choice. He is smart... not just book smart, but also street smart and he can read people easy. Bane is quick witted and always has a great retort. He is passionate about his cause. He also has away of working situations to his advantage and keeping his enemies on edge with games he plays.

5. Brady Stoner
The Austin/Stoner Files by Stephen Bly
Brady is a tough bareback riding cowboy. He is the true cowboy. Always polite to every lady he meets, along with a Darlin' on his lips for each one he speaks with. He will fight when he needs to, but tries to use his wits to get out any mess without anyone getting hurt.

6. Luca Forreli
The River of Time Series by Lisa T. Bergren
Luca is a guy who lives back close to the Dark Ages in Italy. He his honored bound to his family and has no problem taking up arms when need be to battle. He will cut a man down. He is also hilarious and completely devoted to the ones he cares about. He is also Captain of the guard at his cousins castle.

Who are your Super Six Bookish Boyfriends?


  1. I got to #5 and thought, "I haven't met any of these guys yet!" :( Then I saw Luca and got excited. *sighs dreamily in his direction* :D

  2. The River of Time series... how often do I see them featured but still haven't read them. I do need to do this at some point!!

    Also, it's the second time I see The Austin so it seems like I need to check these out:)

  3. Kara, Luca is wonderful! I like Marcello, but Luca is better. :-)

  4. Danny, The River of Time Series is so fun! Luca and Marcello are fantastic, but I'm partial to Luca. He has the best sense of humor. :-)

    I love The Austin/Stoner Files. Brady Stoner is the dream cowboy.

  5. Aw, love seeing Bane on here. Now I *need* to meet Zack! ;)

  6. Bane is phenomenal!! Loved his humor. Yes! You need to meet Zack! :-D

  7. I have some new people to meet! But I agree - loved Luca! He was so funny :)

  8. Jamie, Luca is one of the best! :-) I love that so many have read that story.


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