Super Six Sunday: Playing Catch-Up

August 4, 2013

Super Six Sunday is a weekly meme hosted by Bewitched Bookworms. It was inspired by Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

Each week features a topic to spot light your Super Six.

Series I Have to Catch Up On

Or in my case, a couple of series, then just a few novels by authors I love, that I haven't gotten around to reading.

1. The Legend of Stuart Brannon
Stuart Brannon's Final Shot by Stephen Bly
I own this book. It's the final book in the series, but I haven't brought myself to read it yet. Not only is it the last book of the series, it is also Stephen Bly's last book. He passed away after he had started to write it. His wife and sons finished it for him. So, once I read it, I won't have any new books by him to look forward to.

2. The Secret Lives of Will Tucker
Flora's Wish by Kathleen Y'Barbo
 I read the second book, Millie's Treasure before Flora's Wish, I need to get caught up. Sadie's Secret comes out next year.

3. The Western Sky's 
Walker's Wedding by Lori Copeland
I read the first two last year and just never made it around to this one. It's waiting on my shelf for me.

4. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
 I need to get caught up with everyone else with this book. 

5. Courting Marrow Little and The Colonel's Lady by Laura Frantz

 I have read the first book in her post Revolutionary War books, I need to read these two now.

6. To Win Her Heart, Head in the Clouds, and Short Straw Bride by Karen Witemeyer

 I've already read two of Karen Witemeyer's books, and really want to read these.

Do you have any series or novels you need to get caught up on?


  1. I am so with you on To Kill A Mockingbird. I am almost embarrassed that I haven't read it yet. It seems like one of those rites of passage books but somehow it passed me by!


  2. I know what you mean! I've heard about it my whole life, but I've never read it. I bought it this last week, and I'm going to read it before the year is out. I'm glad I'm not alone in having not read it yet.

  3. I was forced to read To Kill a Mockingbird in school, but I couldn't even tell you about it now. I think I blocked it out, LOL. Forced reading was never my forte. I should probably give it another shot like you are. Thanks for posting your list!!

    Heather @ Bewitched Bookworms

  4. Heather, I have a few books I've blocked out as well. :-) Reading for fun is great, but goodness, how it drags when you are told you have to read a certain book and then have to write about it.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Wow these books are totally new to me! I have not heard of any of these before. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you get to your books sometime and love them all.

    Reese's @Reese's Reviews: MA2F

  6. Sharrice, Thanks! I hope so too. :-) Thanks for stopping by!


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