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June 24, 2013

We are now a week away from July 1st. And what that means is, GFC may or may not be leaving us. I've been trying to keep up with everything with that, but I see post about how it is certain that it will be gone and other posts that say it should still be there.

I don't know which is right, but for safe measures, I recently set up an account with Bloglovin' to make it easier to follow this blog. I've also set up away to follow through RSS, and I've provided links for Twitter and Facebook. You can find all the buttons to the right of the blog in the Follow Me section. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you my followers to be able to keep following with some options.

We are in the wait and see phase, only time will tell what will happen to GFC on the 1st.

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  1. Here's a CNN post referring to the official google blog.
    Looks like it will definitely go but you can transfer your followers.

  2. I saw that article a while back. I've tried to look for some that are more recent and haven't found any.

  3. I'm following you by Bloglovin' so I'm here to stay no matter what. :D


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