Honor's Disguise

June 4, 2013

Title: Honor's Disguise
Author: Kristen Heitzmann
Publisher: Bethany House Publisher
ISBN: 0-7642-2203-1

Cole Jasper is back as the foreman at the Lucky Star ranch with Abbie Ferrel. The herd was sold and things are slowly starting to get back to normal. Abbie is uncertain of her feelings toward Cole. She isn't mad at him anymore, but she doesn't know what she wants either.

Cole has settled back in and trying to adjust to some of the changes around the ranch in his 4 year absence. One thing hasn't changed in the years is his feelings toward Abbie. He is giving her space to think and see where she wants to go with things, until then, he will keep the cowboys in order and help make the Lucky Star a profitable ranch again. Normalcy doesn't last long, however, when a stranger rides into the ranch calls Cole out. Cole faces the stranger without showing signs of defending himself Abbie breaks up the fight and the stranger rides off. The stranger is Cole's older brother. Before Abbie can find out more, two bounty hunters come searching for Cole and haul him off to El Paso, Texas where he is wanted for murder. Abbie, in her typical independent nature, sets out to help Cole, she is indebted to him for all the help he has provided to her over the years.

This book made me happy. This is Cole's story. We finally find out about this tough, honest to a fault, cowboy. We find out who he is and his back story. We finally have the whole picture of this man who has been in this series and only seeing brief glances. I've been team Cole you can say from the beginning and it's nice to see this character expanded. Too read!

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