Kid Favorite Friday

June 28, 2013

This week the kiddo has been all over the place with her books, and I love it! She is in the midst of learning to read, so we are leaning more toward the easier types of books for her to slowly understand, although that has backfired from time to time and she tries to help read the story by pictures. That is ok though. She is having fun with books, and that is what counts!

 Cookies Week by Cindy Ward and Tomie dePaola is such a cute book. It is a great book for kids learning to read with just a sentence on each page and the lettering big for them to see. It's also a great check list for all you cat owners to what your cat might destroy  in your house that week!
 We are in a Bearenstian Bears kick around here right now. She reads them during school and wants to read them later on too. The Bearenstain Bears and the Messy Room by Stan and Jan Bearenstain is a fun book and a good reminder to messy little kids.
 The Bearenstain Bears and Too Much Junk Food is another fun on by Stan and Jan Bearenstain. The kid loves reading this books, since she gets to look at candy.
And finally, we have come to her favorite for the week. The kid recently discovered the Cars movie and is in love. This A Little Golden Book of Cars by Ben Smiley is great little condensed movie in a book. The pictures are fun and the reading is easy and is a good book for beginner readers.

What were some of your favorite books growing up?

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