Honor's Reward

June 6, 2013

Title: Honor's Reward
Author: Kristen Heitzmann
Publisher: Bethany House Publisher
Pages: 316
ISBN: 0-7642-2204-x

It's time to end the Rocky Mountain Legacy series with book 5, Honor's Reward. Abbie is now married to Cole (yay!) and adjusting to being family again. However, things aren't as easy as they hope to be. Abbie still can't get past her fears from losing her first husband Montgomery Ferrel and has finally gotten through her bitterness of his death to grieve.

Cole Jasper is happy to back home with his wife and ready to help her get the ranch back into the working order it needs to be. He applies his money to the debt that is owed on the ranch and in doing so, pays it off and he is now the owner of the Lucky Star. Cole also wants to make the family whole. Not just have it Abbie's niece and son, but make them his as well, by adopting them. Abbie struggles with the changes that are happening around her and she feels her past pulling away.

With the struggles of the new family going on, Abbie must also deal with the sharp tongued, new house guest, Birdie, the 16 year old saloon girl they rescued in the escape from El Paso, TX. Her temper and attitude is a hard obstacle for Abbie to get around. And Honor comes calling again. This time, Cole feels it's his duty to follow and Abbie doesn't know if she can deal with it again.

It's a great wrap up to this series. You get closure with the characters. Too read!

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